What is an experience like with Texas Adventure Elopement Photographers?

You can’t get these moments back…  are you listening? Like, honestly, really hear us on this one:  Your wedding is NOT guided by an inflexible timeline and to-do list. It’s NOT a list of to-do’s to check off. And it’s definitely NOT a Pinterest board. Your wedding is about the two of you. And your people. And the things that matter the very most to YOU, and not to anyone else. We are absolutely not dictating the terms of your Texas elopement or wedding. It’s all YOURS. Plain and simple. We are here to show you that there is another way and we’re the people who can make that happen. We’ve spent countless hours scouting off-the-beaten-path locations and making hundreds of other adventure couples ridiculously happy with the memories they chose to make… with us there to capture them all.

But, because we care so deeply about the experience you have on your most special day, we do have a few non-negotiables…

We want you to:

… Sit back, enjoy and have the best, most stress-free, drama-free day of your entire life.

… Focus on your unique vision of how you want to say your vows, without compromise.

… Follow your desires and don’t let anyone (even us!) steer you away from your wedding dreams.

… And make time for some intimate moments with your person, your loved ones, those who matter the very most to you in this world.

One-on-one time is very important to us and here’s why

I, Brit, lost my Mema 9 years ago, followed by my Papa on the exact anniversary day of her passing just 2 years ago. I would give anything to have some honest, unposed, raw photos of just me and my grandparents to help me remember who they really were and who we all were together – not those forced “sit and smile” photos, but rather, the intimate, authentic photos that represent who we really are, and who they really were.

Talking about loss can seem at odds here, in a space dedicated to one of the most monumental and joyous moments of your life. But life is a beautiful tapestry like that, y’all. The wonderful interwoven with the heartbreaking. And I want you to treasure every single second you get with your people. No relationship should get put on the back burner, especially on a day that’s all about connection. We want you to have images that keep that connection alive for years to come – and that’s why you need someones who knows how to shoot from an emotional perspective. 

We ALWAYS create the time and space for you to have those intimate, real moments with your favorite people on your wedding day. Because these relationships matter.

This could look like Dad telling his daughter how proud he is (while blubbering like a baby). Or maybe it’s Nana giving you the bracelet your grandfather gave her on their wedding day. Or possibly when Mom is looking back to the day she brought you home from the hospital, wondering how time could be such a thief. 

Honor those you love by letting us capture these once-in-a-lifetime moments. You’ll have the photos to tell these life stories for as long as you (and your children and their children after that) live. Keep these moments and memories alive through the power of our emotion-capturing photography. 

Now that we’ve covered the non-negotiables and heavy-hitters, we want you to know just how devoted we are to you, your day, and your experience. 

Obviously, we’re going to get the most gorgeous, jaw-dropping, “How the heck could I look THAT good!” kind of photos. But we can only get those photos if you’re stress-free, entirely lost in the moment. This requires the details to be handled for you like herding longhorn cattle (oh, too Texas for ya?).   We might be funny (LOL, please, we’re hilarious!), accommodating, and caring, but you better believe we’ve got a strict workflow and tight process to ensure your every need is met and every detail nailed down. Here’s the outline of our process so you can let go of the reigns and just HAVE FUN!

  • From your initial inquiry, we will respond in 24 hours or less (on weekdays) and provide you with an information smorgasbord so that you know exactly what to expect. This includes galleries, guides, and more. 
  • Once you book we’ll get to know you better with a questionnaire and then we’ll start planning your dream day, including a customized location list and a load of vendor recommendations. (P.S. We also have everything you need – from dresses to bridal tents – available to rent to cut stress!)
  • We stay in touch and provide you with every need-to-know detail up until your big day.
  • The big day arrives and all you have to do is exist! Feel it. Live it. Do it. Be fully immersed in it. We’ll be the guides that you can trust entirely while you simply soak it all in.