I established Texas Adventure Elopements five years ago while concurrently managing the well-established Brit Nicole Photography, LLC TM for a period of 17 years. Initially conceived as a supplementary webpage solely dedicated to Texas Elopements, Texas Adventure Elopements swiftly evolved into a significantly larger endeavor. The overwhelming demand necessitated the recruitment and training of my own team of elopement photographers to align with the brand's growth.

As the demands continued to escalate, we made the strategic decision to transform Texas Adventure Elopements into a comprehensive vendor directory. Our objective is to foster success among all vendors, recognizing the abundant opportunities within the industry.

Moreover, we aim to provide couples seeking to elope in Texas with a streamlined and stress-free experience by offering a consolidated platform for their search and planning needs.

Ultimately, our aspiration is to create a harmonious environment where vendors thrive and couples can effortlessly plan their Texas Elopement with confidence, knowing they have a comprehensive, one-stop resource at their disposal.

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Hey y'all! I'm Brittney,

Over the course of these 17 years, I have amassed a wealth of experience and garnered numerous awards and accolades. Through the ups and downs, laughter and tears, I have come to realize that owning a business is far from easy. However, I have embraced the challenges and the lessons learned along the way, and now I am ready to pass on this invaluable knowledge to you.

I firmly believe that my personal journey, with all its trials and tribulations, can benefit others in the industry. My aim is to share this wisdom so that you may grow, learn, and embark on an extraordinary journey of your own. Together, we can ensure that you have the most remarkable and fulfilling experiences within this field.

I hope you enjoy getting to know me!


  • Bears (especially grizzlies!)

  • People who steal copyrighted material from photographers and don't have the moral compass to apologize and stop

  • The fact that my body hates gluten and will try to kill itself if I digest it


  • Tacos with mango jalapeno margaritas

  • “That’s what she said” jokes

  • People who don’t beat around the bush

  • Marrying my clients in their dream location

  • Anything destination

Dream elopement

I have fulfilled my dream "bucket list" locations already (Alaska a handful of times and Iceland) so now I'm on to Scotland + Ireland.

aka: Brit Nicole! 

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