How to Choose Your Elopement Date in Texas

Just got engaged and planning your adventure elopement or vow renewal? Let us help you choose your elopement date in Texas (or all around the world, we travel quite often)!

If you’ve already made the first big decision to elope in Texas then you’re in the right place! Most vendors (photographers included) will require you to have a date before you sign a contract, but where do you even start? When you elope you get to choose from practically any date instead of being restricted to only a Saturday at a city or barn venue. There are so many dates to choose from, about 365 to be exact, so where do you even begin? Well, let’s dive into it and discuss how to choose your elopement date.


The first place to start when choosing an elopement date is any meaningful dates that the two of you already have. This could be a dating anniversary (Brit and her husband got married on their first date anniversary), a birthday, a memory from a super special date, I have even seen someone elope on their grandparents anniversary. The beauty of eloping with us is that no one will be bothered if the date of your first kiss lands on a Tuesday. If you have a date that means a lot to you, go for it! If you don’t want to choose an anniversary you already have, you don’t have to. That just means more days to celebrate throughout the year!


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What type of scenery are you hoping to experience for your elopement?

Close your eyes and imagine you and your partner holding hands and saying vows to one another. What do you envision around you? Are you up high on the cliffs of a canyon with fog rolling in the valley beneath you? At a beautiful alpine lake with mountains jutting up in the background? Do you imagine a desert elopement surrounded by Joshua trees? Imagining what type of landscape you want, even if you don’t know the exact place, can help you determine a date. If you want to elope somewhere high in the mountains, lean towards a late summer date. Lots of high-altitude places can have snow well into the spring and summer. If you are wanting a desert elopement, look at a late fall or winter date as these places can be dangerously hot in the summer. If you have no idea about what you want, inquire with us! Helping people find the perfect location for their elopement is one of our specialties. We have tons of places that we can suggest to you from mountains, beaches, valleys to glaciers and everything in between. For those of you looking to have your adventure experience outside of Texas be sure to visit our sister sites that covers all of our National and International elopements “Untethered Journeys” + “Brit Nicole

Photos by : Brit Nicole |


Consider what activities you want to incorporate when picking your elopement date

Think about what is most important to you for your elopement day. Are you looking forward to sleeping in late at a gorgeous airbnb high in the mountains with a sweeping view? Then pick a date when that cabin isn’t booked. If you are wanting to snowboard down the mountain with your partner on your elopement day, you’ll need to pick a date when the ski slopes are open. We’ve had clients pick Alaska just for the glaciers and dog sledding season, and also clients chose Barbados to avoid hurricanes. 

Consider what activities might be meaningful to you and your partner and see if incorporating those activities requires a certain date or time of year. 

If you know where you want to elope and are still unsure of what date to pick consider looking at the calendar and choosing a fun date or Holiday. Sometimes people look ahead at the calendar and pick a fun date like 11/11/2022 or 2/3/2023 because they are numbers people. Others want to elope on a holiday, some want a gothic halloween elopement, or a fun valentines themed intimate wedding! We have had clients already know they wanted Big Bend and planned the date around the blood moon.


Choose a Weekday if you can!

We will always recommend eloping on a weekday, if you can swing it, due to certain location’s peak tourist seasons. Different places will have different off-seasons, check out our blog “Best Seasons to Elope in Texas” for more specific information for Texas elopements. But most parks are going to be at their fullest capacity during the weekends, so a great way to avoid the crowds is to elope on a weekday. This way Sally Sue in her volleyball shorts, sports bar and dog aren’t photobombing your emotional vow exchange.  However, do be mindful of holidays and other dates that could boost the otherwise lighter weekday crowds. For example, you might want to elope on a Tuesday in March but not realize that it’s spring break for that surrounding area! Definitely keep in mind weekday options when you are choosing your elopement date. Luckily, we are pretty knowledgeable and do our searching if you give us a general season and place you want to go!



If all else fails: 

Ellie and her husband had no idea where to start, but they knew we would want to take a trip every year on their anniversary. So they picked a date in the traveling off-season so that they could travel on a bit of a budget, and get to pick places that would normally be very crowded. Just know that your date doesn’t have to have any other special meaning before you choose it!

Additionally, if you have the ability to be flexible about your date that’s actually a positive thing. Not only does it allow us as your trusted adventure photographers to offer a longer list of possible elopement locations to you, but it also allows you to be a little bit more flexible with the schedules of your favorite vendors. 

I know that was a lot of information about choosing a date but if you still have questions or if you still need some help deciding which elopement date would be best for you we would love to help you figure out when your elopement day should be! 


If you are ready to pick your elopement date reach out to us here and lets get started!




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