Here are 30 activity ideas for those of you who want the adventure but not the hiking! Make your elopement the best wedding day ever!

With a traditional wedding, there’s a pretty clear-cut plan on what the timeline is supposed to look like. What makes an elopement so special, is the ability to make it your own. There’s no rules, no forced traditions, no limitations.

Sometimes, that makes it hard to know where to start when you have so many options at your fingertips. 

“What do we do? We don’t like hiking… Can we still do activities if it’s just the two of us? What if I invite people? How do we fill the time?”

I’m here to tell you that it’s not about “filling” endless hours of photography coverage with busy-ness and obligations. I mean, isn’t that why you chose to elope in the first place? Honestly… who actually enjoys rushing around on their wedding day on a strict timeline; your coordinator anxiously tapping her watch- “it’s 1:57, you were supposed to be outside for the first look 12 minutes ago!” Hurry hurry hurry, rush rush rush… anxiety, stress, exhaustion.

Oh look, time to cut that cake you won’t have time to enjoy! No. That sounds awful. So let’s NOT turn your elopement into the same thing. 

When trying to decide on activities for your elopement, think outside the box and ask yourself:

  • What are your favorite things to do together?
  • What do you do for fun on a regular basis?
  • What ways can you include what you love doing on your wedding day?
  • Is there something on your bucket list that you’ve been wanting to try together?

*Don’t forget to make time for relaxing and downtime (even naps! Seriously…)*

You don’t need to fill every second with something to do. Maybe pick one of your favorite activities to do together and one new thing you’ve been wanting to try.

Here are 30 activity ideas that aren’t hiking for your Texas Elopement

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Photos by : Brit Nicole Photography

Texas Elopement activity ideas for just you two

  1. Rent a 4×4 truck or ATV or book a Jeep tour with a driver!
  2. Get a helicopter, tiny plane or hot air balloon ride for a unique birds-eye view
  3. Have a picnic complete with comfy blankets, fluffy pillows, basket of food and drinks!
  4. Do a wine or beer tasting
  5. Play video games at a classic arcade
  6. Go fishing together
  7. Take a guided river tour
  8. Visit a museum
  9. Go skydiving!
  10. Ride mountain bikes
  11. Pull out your guitar
  12. Visit a jazz club or other live music venue
  13. Get tattoos together
  14. Cook a fancy meal together or take a cooking class
  15. Go sing karaoke at a bar
  16. Take a soak in a hot spring or hot tub
  17. Have a couple’s spa day
  18. Go horseback riding
  19. Attend a painting with a twist event (art class with alcohol)
  20. Go play golf
texas elopement couple in hot tub, doves rest cabin, palo duro canyon elopement, elopement activities

Texas Elopement activity ideas with guests

  1. Host a field day (literally- potato sack races, food eating contest, etc)
  2. Have an adult pinata filled with adorable mini alcohol bottles
  3. Rent a karaoke machine
  4. Light a bonfire and roast weenies and s’mores for dinner
  5. Set up a simple photobooth area with a digital or polaroid camera on a tripod
  6. Go to an arcade
  7. Have a movie night with bean bags, popcorn and candy
  8. Rent a pontoon boat and grill on the water
  9. Go to an amusement park
  10. Have a game night with board games, trivia or cards

texas elopement field day fun, elopement family games, palo duro canyon elopement, elopement activities
texas elopement field day fun, elopement family games, palo duro canyon elopement, elopement activities
Photos by : Brit Nicole Photography

Hopefully this list has inspired you to find ways to make your elopement feel personal and intimate.

The day should feel fun and care-free, not a huge production with a strict timeline or an endless list of to-dos. It’s not an extra-long photoshoot with your photographer up your butt the whole day and it’s not about “okay- stand, smile and say cheese”. Find a photographer from the standpoint of creating genuine experiences and documenting the moment as it unfolds, not the other way around.

When you look back on your photos from the day, we don’t want you to simply see a photo of you and your partner. We want you to experience the way she looks at you all over again, the silly smirk on his face when you’ve just done something dorky.

You should be transported back to that exact moment in time; feel the goosebumps crawl across your skin as you remember the crisp breeze enveloping your bodies. Feel the phantom touch of your bride’s hand across your face just before she kissed you as your wife for the first time. The smell the warm scent of the campfire embracing you once more. 

If you’re still struggling to plan your Texas elopement or simply don’t even know where to begin, trust the experts- US! Not only do we know this state like the back of our hand, we’ve been doing this thang for 15 years and can absolutely help you have the elopement day of your dreams. Reach out to us!

Here are some elopement activity inspirations from couples who know how to have fun



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