Top 3 most commonly asked questions when Eloping in Texas

Are you considering having an adventure elopement in Texas but don’t know where to start or what to do? We’ve got you covered with our top 3 most frequently asked questions about Eloping in Texas!

Can I invite guests?
You can 100% invite guests and still have an elopement. The spirit of modern elopements is all about intentionally crafting a day authentic to who you are as a couple. This is no longer just about running away in secret and getting hitched without anyone knowing, although if that’s what you’re after- go for it! If you want the “just us” feeling of an elopement, but simply can’t imagine not having certain people present, you don’t have to choose! There are so many ways to include guests in your day while still having a relaxed, production-free day.

Some of our couples have chosen to have their friends and family with them from start to finish. Others choose to split the day up. The first half of the day is spent with just the two of you. You wake up and make coffee together (or, heck, take a shot of whiskey), put on some comfy hiking clothes, and make a trek out into the cliffs to watch the sunrise together, fully present in the moment. Then you explore the trails a bit and have a picnic lunch. Afterwards, you head back to your Airbnb for a nap or relax in bed. Later that afternoon, family comes by to help you get ready. Mom is helping you put on your dress, tears rolling down her face as she smiles and embraces you in a big bear hug. You do a first look with your partner, their eyes brimming with tears and joy. After your sweet, intimate ceremony, it’s time to head back to the cabin with all your favorite people; the smell and sounds of the bonfire crackling and popping, everyone lounging around, popping cans of beer, laughing, and stuffing barbecue in their faces with the stars laid out on the sky above you.

Don’t downplay this day of promising your life to your partner just because of the stigma of the word “elopement” or thinking there’s a right or wrong way to do it because there isn’t. If someone tells you otherwise, send them our way so we can kindly correct them…

(Click here to see one of my most favorite boho Texas adventure weddings that had 50 guests and bridal party- this link WILL take you to our sister site)

Can my mom or dad still walk me down the aisle?
Uhhh, YES!!! A million times yes! We have done so many elopements where their mom or dad still walks their little girl down the aisle. My favorite was our bride who had both her father and brother walk her down the middle of their handful of guests to the arch sitting at the base of the Santa Elena Canyon. They handed her over into the arms of her best friend, and now husband, as the water of the Rio Grande bubbled and flowed behind them. There was not a dry eye in attendance and everyone was hugging and smiling after their ceremony.

Or the few couples we’ve had in Palo Duro Canyon where the dads couldn’t get around very well so we found spots perfectly fit for her to have daddy still walk her down while having the beauty of cliffs and intimacy.

So many of our couples choose to include their favorite traditions in their day. You get to pick and choose what you do and what you don’t. So don’t let the desire for eloping stop you from participating in a cherished tradition or ritual.

Can I have a bridal party?

Look, this is definitely still a thing at elopements, especially in TEXAS! Choose a maid of honor or best man, heck, have your best dude as a maid of honor! Have your siblings or best friends stand beside y’all if that’s what you want. Don’t have any friends? Then get your dog a flower crown and a tutu or little velcro tuxedo cuffs for their paws. If we haven’t drilled this into you yet- IT’S YOUR DAY, DO WHAT YOU WANT!

You can have your cake and eat it too.

That’s literally what elopement means… look it up. Okay, so not literally, but the entire point of an elopement is making the
focal point of the day the two of you, right? If the most important parts of you are also including your family, friends and traditions, don’t think for a second that you can’t have your dream elopement and still include them in the way that you envision. We do this day in and day out and we’re here to help you plan the wedding day of your dreams-
sans stress, people-pleasing, and breaking the bank. We love to hear all the little things you’ve dreamt about having on your wedding day and then shaping your vision into reality. Life is an adventure and it’s meant to be lived out to its fullest. Don’t let this day be watered down by the opinions of others who tell you “you’re not supposed to do it like that”. Nah, we won’t stand for that. Just because it’s not how they would do it doesn’t mean it’s not how YOU should do it. *BAM* Mic Drop…