Our 9 favorite Texas Adventure Elopement Locations

Need a little help finding your perfect Texas elopement spot?

There’s nothing like being there…

Picture this: It’s before the crack of dawn but you’re so jazzed it doesn’t matter. The two of you are walking in the silver-blue starlight over vast canyon lands. 

Those Texas stars seem to cascade all around you, lighting your way. Your surroundings are both peaceful and buzzing with excitement at what this day will hold. Then, it’s the first look, the first time you see each other. Your eyes adjust and it hits you – you’re having a private moment, just the two of you, standing beneath the expansive Milky Way.  

You come to the edge of a cliff (don’t worry, we know this land and we’re keeping you safe) and before your eyes, the world begins to wake and reveal itself. With a panoramic 360 view, the slivers of sunlight hit the crevices of the cliffs and sharp canyon walls, illuminating the fog beneath you. And that’s when the coyotes start singing you their song.  In this moment you lose yourself, laughing, crying, howling back at them and wondering what in the world you did to deserve the perfection of this moment. You can’t believe you get to share this beautiful existence with each other.  

“IT. WAS. A. BLAST. We did not expect waking up at 4am to get ready for the hike would be so fun. Brit is full of good stories and genuinely wanted to get to know us as a couple. She never put us in awkward poses and always made sure it felt natural and authentic.”

Nimble as a billy goat or chill as an armadillo with a family, there’s a location and adventure for you…

If you’re wondering where to elope or get married in Texas, well, you’re welcome! Your search is over. We’ve got the Lone Star State mapped out and know it intimately. We know every nook and cranny of Palo Duro, every insider secret of Big Bend, each rolling rise of Hill Country, and that’s just the tip of the Texas iceberg. Did you know Texas has waterfalls? Want to get married at a waterfall and then go tubing afterward? Oh yes, you can.

Do you want an insider, local experience? You got it. You want someone who can take you on the best adventure elopement Texas has to offer? That’s ya girls! Looking for a worry-free elopement or wedding so you can sit back and trust the experts with your memorable day? BAM! We’re right here, and we’ve got your back.