How to have an adventure Elopement in Texas with physically Impaired Guests

“My partner and I want an intimate adventure wedding, but one of our guests is physically impaired.”

So, how do you plan your dream adventure elopement when an integral guest is in a wheelchair or has a bad back/hip/knees, etc…?

This is a super common question and comes up at almost all of our intimate weddings. You and your partner have envisioned this glorious day hiking in the mountains, your ceremony with nature’s most breathtaking backdrop behind you, your nearest and dearest family and friends there to witness. The only hurdle as a bride is your grandma had hip surgery recently, or your brother is in a wheelchair, or your mom or dad has bad knees. You want to share this moment with them while staying true to your authentic selves as a couple who wants to get married in an intimate way. What do you do? Do you continue on thinking you have to plan your Texas adventure elopement without your most beloved guests? Do you throw your dreams out the window of using God’s landscape creation of a place that means so much to you two and stick to traditional venues that make you want to jump off your favorite cliff?

Having your physically impaired guests at your elopement is 100% totally achievable! There are many ways you can make this happen while sticking to your vision and including them on this special day without due hardship on them.

Option 1: Break the day up

Your first option is to break the day up between what activities you will do just the two of you and what activities your family will partake in. You don’t have to give up an intimate part just between you and your partner for the whole day! Many couples have a private first look at sunrise, just the two of them, before going off on a fun early morning hike to see the sights.

Then, after a lunch break and some naps, invite immediate family or friends over to help with the getting ready portion of the day and some private moments with the person who raised you, guaranteed to bring the tears. From that moment on, everyone is included in the day’s activities, without you missing out on a fun adventure along the way.

Options 2: Choose accessible locations with little to no hiking

We’re pros at finding super scenic, yet super accessible spots here in Texas that don’t require a whole of hiking. Many couples want to sight-see with their entire family, so we plan a fun itinerary driving from spot to spot and hitting the highlights. Places like Big Bend National Park, Palo Duro Canyon, Lost Maples, Colorado Bend + Garner State are GREAT for this since there are so many incredible views for your Texas elopement without the long intense hike required.

There are always options to find the best locations where it’s accessible for your guests and throw up some sweet chairs!

Option 3: Record the ceremony

Record your Texas Adventure Elopement and have a grand reception at a later date, playing the video on a large
projector! Okay, so you know exactly where you want your ceremony- and it just happens to be at the end of a 6-mile hike…. Meanwhile, your sister is recovering from surgery after blowing out her knee trying to outrun her child (seriously, why is it as soon as we hit the mid-20s our bodies turn on us!?). Let’s be real, she can’t make that trek and you both know it, but you still want her and everyone else to have the chance to experience this incredible location one way or the other.

BAM! Hire a professional videographer to document the day alongside the photographer. (My gosh, we know so many great ones, too!) Many of them offer lots of options in addition to the full video of your day. They can do a highlight reel (think of it as a movie trailer for your wedding day), which is the perfect way to announce your reception back home with all your friends and family.

Then, have a big blowout party and play the video on the projector screen for everyone to enjoy. Do toasts, fun games, tiered cake- you can do it all, without compromising.