The moment you land on this site, we are all in your corner. Planning an elopement means breaking the mold of tradition, which also means the vision is endless. This can be awesome, and also super overwhelming. When you can do anything you want, where do you being?

Thats where we come in. Your elopement day is about so much more than a ceremony and some portraits. It's the entire experience of your day. Everything from waking up and eating breakfast, jamming to your favorite songs as you finish getting ready, driving to the trail with the windows down, packing your flowers onto your backpack, hiking to the top, saying your vows, popping some champagne, and every other step along the way. 

How to Elope

How we work together to create your Texas elopement your way

You deserve to have an elopement day that you truly remember as the best day ever. This is our process of turning your dream into a reality.

5 Steps to Create
Your elopement
Your Way

Tell me us about your dream day

First, get your booty all up in this website and stalk away!
Maybe all you know is a general season and scenery but nothing more. We are all here to help you figure out the rest. 


Book Your Elopement Date

Certain months do fill up faster than others so reach out to vendors or us as soon as you know. Once you know your special date you can sign a contract and place a retainer s and then the real fun beings!


Create your elopement your way

Once you are officially a Texas Adventure Elopement couple you will get into the nitty gritty of planning. Most vendors will have you fill out a location sheet as well as timeline questionnaire and help you come up with a day that truly reflect you as a couple! Its 100% your best day ever. 


Get married on the best day ever

After you are usually done planning and your big day rolls around you get to finally get married to the love of your life. Surrounded by the people you love and no expectations you get to enjoy the best day of your life. Whether hiking through Big Bend or hanging with family in an airbnb, your day is finally here.


Experience your day all over again with your photos

It's usual to wait about 4-8 weeks after your elopement day to see all of your elopement images from your photographer!!  You get to snuggle up with your partner and relive your day all over again.


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Dream Elopement

So how do we help you create your wedding your way?

Instead of a traditional wedding checklist maybe you envision a stunning sunrise peeking over the tops of sheer cliffs. Or maybe you dream of promising a life together with your partner next to a roaring waterfall, the spray clinging off your face as you stare into each other's eyes. Perhaps its a slow, entrancing first dance as a newly married couple under the twinkling stars stretched across an endless Texas Sky...

Choose the wedding for you! Talk to us about your dream Texas Elopement.

Tradition Shmadition

Our Favorite Locations to Elope in Texas

beaches, mountains, deserts and rivers

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