"love is all you need."
"false. you need water, rations and the right Texas Elopement Vendor to pull this off" - dwight k. shrute

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"What exactly is Texas Adventure Elopements and what can it do for me?"
Great question. I've been in the wedding industry for 17 years and about 6 years ago I opened up Texas Adventure Elopements. We started off with a team of photographers who specialized throughout Texas for the Adventure Elopements. TAE (Texas Adventure Elopements) grew so large that we are no longer physically able to handle the amount of inquiries and bookings that come in. Recently, I have changed this for elopement couples to get a better experience, an experience they deserve. 
Texas Adventure Elopements is now open to Texas Elopement Vendors to be recognized as the Top Best of Texas Elopement Vendors. It is a vendor directory (think of The Knot) but in only Texas Elopement fashion. I used to be a part of The Knot so I know how frustrating it can be when you're competing with tons of other people within your niche. The cool thing about what I'm doing is I'm focusing more on quality over quantity.
We only allow a certain number of applicants to reduce the issues of being over saturated. This model also allows our couples to have the best quality experience we offer instead of being overwhelmed with 200 vendors for the same area.
Our mission is to keep the experience a stress-free, once in a lifetime adventure with only vendors who can bring greatness to the table.
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Soaring above the clouds on that flight over the ocean, walking the cobblestone streets. So cold we can see our breath as we hike the open fields in the fog.

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