We are Texas born and raised  chicks turned photographers, wedding planners, location guides, dog wranglers, dress fluffers, pack mules, cheerleaders, and hype women. From the photos, to the planning, to the fully-immersive experience as we explore the secrets that Texas has to offer, we’re here for you. We’ll go above and beyond – quite literally! Over underbrush, under overhangs, through rivers, all in every season – rain, shine, tornadoes, and yes, even snow. So just who are these rugged trailblazers?

We are Texas born and raised chicks who followed their calling into photography...and freaking rock at it (don’t mind us over here, brushing our shoulders off…). We’ve been doing this thang for over 15 years. From Alaska to Barbados, we’ve done some stuff. We’ve climbed mountains, fought off rattlesnakes, ripped C-section incisions open… all to get that perfect shot. So, you know, NBD.

More than just a photographer

About Texas Adventure Elopements

☼ Choosing to elope can be scary. The entire wedding industry makes it feel like you don't have a choice. But we are here as your elopement advocates so that you can make that brave choice and follow your heart and tell your story the way you want it to be told.

☼ We advocate for elopements because your wedding day deserves so much more than a party you don't even get to enjoy. You deserve a day filled with love and connection.

☼ Everyone deserves to have their perfect day. For some its throwing a wedding with 200 family and friends. For you, its not. You dont do things just because everyone else does them. Youre badass and your wedding should be too. 

Why We Love Elopements

Hey there! We are Brit + Ellie and we are here for YOU. Yes, we are your photographer but we are here for so much more than that! The moment we start chatting on the phone we are in your corner. Planning an elopement means breaking the mold of tradition, which also means the possibilities are endless. This can be awesome, and also super overwhelming. When you can do anything you want, where do you being?

That's where I come in. Your elopement day is about so much more than a ceremony and some portraits. It's the entire experience of your day. Everything from waking up and eating breakfast, jamming to your favorite songs as you finish getting ready, driving to the trail with the windows down, packing your flowers onto your backpack, hiking to the top, saying your vows, popping some champagne, and every other step along the way.

We can't wait to meet you!

clients turned best friends

crazy adventures together




Bears (especially grizzlies!)

People freaking out at my relation to a certain famous singer

The fact that my body hates gluten and will try to kill itself if I digest it

When people stand in the middle of the escalator!

BBQ Sauce (yes I KNOW This makes me a bad Texas. I'm sorry!)

Watching movies without Subtitles

cold weather

the color red

 sitting at a computer desk for work




 hot texas summers

Wearing the color black! (seriously its like 60% of my wardrobe) 

Planning my next adventure!

Tacos with mango jalapeno margaritas

“That’s what she said” jokes

People who don’t beat around the bush

Making up songs about my Dog

Trying to keep my houseplants alive

Olive Green anything!!!

Traveling to new places with my partner

Hey!! I’m Elliet and I am based out of Dallas, TX where I live with my husband Ryan and our dog Marceline! I love traveling and trying new things as much as I love curling up on the couch with a good book or a movie. As Texas native I know tons of off-the-beaten-path-places and local secrets. No matter who you are or what you look like I am passionate about allowing you to break the mold and create your unique elopement day.

What's up, y'all! I'm Brittney. I’m based in Amarillo, Texas and live with my hubby and two little ones. Palo Duro Canyon sits right in my backyard. I’m a sarcasm connoisseur, and if you can't laugh at the dumbest things (like pretending a TV crew is following us around as I look awkwardly at an invisible camera during inappropriate moments...) we probably won't get along. Be prepared for my dominating height (I am a staggering 5-foot-nothing, and yes, the weather is just fine down here)

Hey guys! I’m Caroline and I'm an elopement planner based in San Antonio texas but you can find me all over the state. I’m obsessed with Topo Chico, Jesus, running, reading, hiking, red wine, tacos, hot sweaty summer weather that makes everyone else uncomfortable (but not necessarily  in that order...lol).

When I’m not out hiking or hanging out with my family you can find me creating unique experiences for couples who value adventure, authenticity and maybe even getting a little bit dirty on their wedding day

Meet Elliet

Meet Brittney

Dream elopement

Dream elopement

Dream elopement

Super Rad adventure in Barbados with a first dance surrounded by turtles

big bend elopement with a private chef reception at the willow house.

PNW elopement that starts with making brunch together, a hike in the mountains and ends with a steamy hot tub sesh

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Meet caroline

What do we do when we arent out photographing epic couples in love? We get up to a LOT of shenanigan's! We love our families fiercely, have a couple of pets we adore, and we LOVE getting out and exploring this wide open world.

Behind The Scenes of Our Lives

A quick look into the

We love showing incredible people like you the gorgeous hidden gems that Texas has to offer. And while we are unabashedly tooting our own horns, it’s also worth saying that we’ve been published over 200 times, and featured in amazing places like The Ellen Show, Huffington Post, Martha Stewart Weddings, Wandering Weddings, Parents Magazine, and PopSugar, to name a few. We were also recently inducted into The Knot’s Hall of Fame for the top 5% best wedding photographers in the nation 5 years in a row

We have over 16+ years of wedding expertise

speaking from experince

Our Favorite Locations to Elope in Texas

beaches, mountains, deserts and rivers

The Ultimate How to Elope In Palo Duro Handbook

The Ultimate How to Elope In Big Bend Handbook 

chisos mountains

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